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About us


Gun Roller Paintball was established in 2013 with roots in South Florida. It all started as a drawing of a gun on a piece of paper and turned into a dream for paintball clothing brand. The name Gun Roller was created first, referring back in the older years of paintball when players would shoot semi-automatic paintball guns. This means every time you pull the trigger one paintball would shoot. Gun Roller was a term we used to pull the trigger as fast as possible to send more paintballs towards the opponent.  


Shortly after the name was chosen, Gun Roller Paintball needed a logo. After a few ideas and brainstorming it came together a gun rifle with a paint roller attached to the barrel. It fitted perfect to its name and to paintball. We started to produce stickers, beanies, and shirts with help from supporting artist such as Carlos Lopez, and Donny Johnson.  


After reaching local fields, shops and tournaments we grew recognition from teams, players, photographers, spectators and even people who didn't know about paintball. "It's been a blessed experience to do something you love. Our goal is to grow in this sport and produce authentic products with detail in mind that set us apart from the competition." 


-Derick Klingbiel

Gun Roller Paintball